Spa manicure way beyond a basic manicure

CND Almond SpaManicure – is not just your regular manicure.
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CND’s new Almond SpaManicure is a deeply moisturizing and relaxing service. Designed to calm and restore even the most stressed hands, this service will provide long-lasting benefits and is way beyond a basic manicure.

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1. your hands are prepped first nails shaped and smooth free edges with File.

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2. Hands placed in bowl filled with warm water. The Almond Milk Bath is added to fully immerse fingertips and soak for one to two minutes.

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3. Warm water is poured into the bowl to create a milky solution, and gently swirled round fingers to mix. Your hands are then removed hand and towel dried.

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4. Cnd cuticleAway is evenly put on the cuticle of each nail, cuticle are gently pushed and any hangnails removed so the nail plate is clean

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5. The Almond Moisture Scrub is massaged into the hands for one to two minutes to gently exfoliate the hands. Hands are wiped with hot towels to remove scrub hands are . Dried with a clean towel.

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6. Then each hand has a thin layer of Almond Illuminating Masque massaged to the top of hands and fingers, and hands put into heated manicure mitts. After three to five minutes, the mitts are removed and hot towels used to remove the remaining masque . Hands dried with a clean towel.

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7. The spa manicure is finished off with a dollop of Almond Hydrating Lotion massaged into each hand and arm.

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8.Your choice of cnd vinylux gel polish is applied or not optional.

Also available is the citrus manicure too if you prefer

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