Best water bottle for hydrating everyone in your family on the go

The nike non spill non slip water bottle is the only one I will use. For gym yoga and simply on the go hydration

Check them out here

Iv tried so many water bottles over the years and not 1 has been as good as my trusty nike

I do lots of exercise and the main issue I had was that I could not get the water (I only fill mine with water) into my mouth fast enough

And that’s a pretty hard job considering iv been told I have a big mouth many times.

I found the general ones with a little push cap ended up hurting my teeth as I pulled too quickly on the cap mid cycle or inbetween downward dog. I also found that the flow of water was inconsistent and I was gulping on air at points in my work out desperately trying to suck

Check them out here

So I went about looking for something that was easy to grip ,looked good and was not going to hurt my teeth or give me wind pockets.

A few years ago I came across the nike non spill water bottle in John Lewis and iv never ever looked back. They sell this only in selective sports shops or online.

Everyone in the house has one even my kids since they have been off baby bottles they have been using these to hydrate throughout the day and night.

They can be thrown into any bag and with no need to worry about spills.

Check them out so many colours

To keep them clean I occasionally soak in milton the stuff used for sterilising baby bottles for a few hours and they are fresh and back to new in no time.

The only reason iv had to replace any is because I have a bad habit of leaving them in the gym and they disappear.

They come in loads of colours but I prefer the clear one my preference.

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