For Beauty sleep, prevention of wrinkles & knotty hair I sleep only on mulberry silk pillow cases

I purchased my first silk pillowcase two years ago and iv not looked back.

My 7 year old daughter also has one too.

Buy here

Sleeping on a mulberry silk pillow case for the last few years has too many benefits for me to not share on my blog.

First of all they feel amazing and have helped me get a good night sleep.

Buy here

They also prevent hair from knotting up in the night (which has been perfect for my daughters natural curls) and my bleached hair as it prevents it drying out and frizzing.

But the best reason is my face , the cotton pillows tended to drag on my facial skin and soak up all my expensive night creams preventing me from getting the most out of them drying out my skin too and causing deep lines when I woke in the morning whereas the silk pillows dont drag the skin, you get full effect of your skin creams, as they are able to stay on your skin and soak in effectively.

For beauty hacks and tips I recommend getting yourself a silk pillow case it has to be 100% mulberry silk though NOT FAUX!

They cost approx £15 but are worth every penny

Buy here

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