There are so many positive reasons to invest in your natural nails when getting a Manicure & Pedicure

It’s no secret that is centred on investing in our natural self.

There are so many gel effect polishes now click here

My manicures & pedicures are all about your senses , feelings, smells and relaxation, and having a polish is always optional.

I only use the renowned cnd branded polish that is gel based and is not cured with a UV lamp.

Buy Gel polishes for home use

The polish lasts up to a week on fingers and up to 2 weeks on toes (you can also use the gel effect polishes at home too and can easily remove with any nail polish remover and pads) for a quick change inbetween manicures and pedicures

Check out here gel polishes for home use available at

The benefits of a manicure and pedicure like this can help to encourage your natural nails to grow and potentially be a better health choice in the long run(with a lot of debate about fumes & UV effects with no definite answers) not to mention your purse.

They may also help with self-esteem as seeing your natural fingers and toes looking and feeling so good and the after effects from the relaxing scrub/ hand and foot massage combined with aromathetapy oil sents may produce endorphins.

If you would like to go natural Or find out more about manicures and pedicures click here

Choose from so many colours for home use in between manicures and pedicures

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