Swiss Dermyl Skin care and why I chose it hands down for my clinic

Choosing a skin care brand for my clinic has been a long, hard road with so many products out there all claiming to be the best, but I’m confident that the range I have gone for is the best for what I aim to achieve for my clinic and the products ethos fits perfectly too.

I wanted my clinic to have an emphasis on natural beauty and for my clients to feel good from the inside out, it’s important for me that we don’t get fixated on the outside appearance especially with all the outside social pressure put onto each and every one of us daily. I believe when you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside instantly.

My Clinic

I didn’t want a quick fix clinic, I wanted to create a lifestyle clinic where you arrive and totally switch off from the outside world and to achieve this I had to get my room just right with the exact balance of relaxation and positive energy so everyone walking through the door can feel the vibration of positive energy straight away.

Energy is extremely important and often minimised for the importance it carries when having any sort of treatment.

The 3 C’s

Cleanliness Calmness and Caring environment is what I aim to achieve combined with the swiss dermyl range creates the ultimate balance for the most rewarding facial experience.

Each facial is bespoke to each individual client

To find out more about the Swiss dermyl range and the facials at click here

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