For inside out Beauty the Calla-Coll Collagen drink for Skin-Hair-Nails-Joints is the one I choose at clinic

The skin experts at Calla have introduced the innovative Calla-Coll collagen drink.

Developed by former nurse and skin care expert Lynne Baker, who spent years researching the product, this berry flavour drink w\norks as a daily supplement, boosting not only the skin, but also the hair, nails an\nd joints. Containing award-winning Pure Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid, Calla-Coll boosts the natural collagen production of skin leaving it smoother, plumper and brighter.

calla col

Those who have tried it have found that not only do their hair and nails become stronger, but joint mobility is improved, and the joint pain associated with arthritis is reduced.

By simply drinking a 25ml shot every day, or adding it to a morning smoothie, Calla-Coll say that a difference can be seen in just one week.

Available in 500ml bottles, Inside my Clinic is a salon exclusive range.

I have been using Calla-Coll Collagen drink myself for the last few months and have seen a huge improvement in my Hair Skin and Nails. I take it in the morning with my Salted Caramel Whey Protein Shake and I feel set up for the day. My Dad is going to be starting on it soon and I will update the blog accordingly. For more info please contact Gemz at


Available at

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