Callous Peel Treatments are a fast safe treatment for dry heels- when carried out by qualified Therapists

My clinic is centred around the natural you, with an emphasis on your natural skin nails and body it’s all about enhancing your natural self and self esteem.

Pedicures at

When you come for a pedicure with me I like to focus on you and the best bits of the pedicure, the soak the scrub the mask the heated booties the massage (Not the callous scrubbing and slicing ) because one of my favourite beauty treatments is the pedicure and I wanted to keep the flow of total relaxation throughout and even though the callous peel can be a stand alone treatment its still the upmost relaxation when incorporared in with a spa pedicure.


(No knives or mental scrapers are used ever)

Click here for treatment channel to see the simple 4 step procedure in action.

Before and after callous peel UK

(The callous peel should only to be carried out by qualified therapists and can be done as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into a pedicure, the choice is yours)

More than one treatment may need to be done but this can be discussed in the consultation on the day of treatment.

The treatment is 20mins for both feet

And 1hr 20min when booked with a pedicure

Book here or to call for more info

Below is a little background information on the callous peel UK

  • UK Callus Peel was launched in February 2017. The UK callous peel which I use in my clinic is manufactured in the UK, and also made up with as many natural ingredients as possible but still giving the results that the original Callus Peel has been achieving in recent years. After several years of development and perseverance, callous peel UK finally produced their very own UK Callus Peel range of products, which has a simple 4 step quick and easy callus removal system with over 99% natural ingredients in the main Callus Remover.
  • Suitable for Diabetics and even pregnancy cannot contraindicate this treatment (except for the Aftercare Cream which contains a small element of Essential Oils and I would still reccomend only having it done after the first trimester stage ).

Book here or find out more info

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