You can’t beat the Tassimo Machine for price, practicality & style it’s not just any old coffee maker it’s the one.

I never used to be a coffee drinker but after my sister got her Tassimo Machine I could not resist getting one for myself.

It’s a brilliant little machine so stylish and extremly reasonable price too.

I had a look at the other similar ones on the market but this one was the best by far and was on parr with more expensive machines. As my brother found out when he changed his Tassimo to the dolce gusto and we coukdnt stop laughing at his disappointment that he sold it and went straight back to the Tassimo.

I have a white one because it goes with my style and decor but iv found a few that are beautiful and competatively priced.

Buy one similar to mine in white

or check out some other ones Not in any particular order and with so much choice in pods including my new favourite Bailey’s coffee and green tea it’s by far my choice of coffee machine.

Green Tea Tassimo pods

Exclusive to John Lewis Claim 2x £10 off Tassimo Disc orders

Or Tesco Directs

Tassimo By Bosch Fidelia Coffee Machine – Black

You can purchase so many different pods the range is huge online.

With so many tassimo pods to choose from click here to see the range
More Pods to choose from

And funky gadget pod holders too

Tassimo gadget pod drawer holders

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