Kids Phone Watch “Gps SeTracker”Tricky but once set up it’s a great fun gadget & safety device in one

In this day and age it’s hard not to be paranoid when our little ones start growing up, but there are loads of gadgets on the market that can keep you in touch for your peace of mind and theirs.

Check them out here

My kids have this watch and their cousins too. They can all call each other up , send voice messages , chat while playing and they don’t have to carry around a phone which can be easily lost or stolen.

This is the app for the smart phone see download link below for more info

This device gives them peace of mind knowing that they can easily call someone if they need help.

Or just to tell someone to put dinner on too.

It is only usable with the numbers that have been stored so it’s very personal to the wearer and won’t allow them to dial just anyone and vice versa , random people cannot just dial the watch.

The GPS is accurate enough but it’s the calling contact mechanism that I like best, so I know they can be reached.

For less than £15 all you need is a cheap 99p sim for the data which you can easily add on.

Simple to set up and there are lots of videos on YouTube explaining step by step what to do and when I get time I’ll add one on here.

You will also need to download this app to set up on your smart phone add the number of the watch to your contacts and away you go.

There are a lot of bad reviews on the app but I persevered and I personally give this gadget a 9/10 for price and what it does it’s very good fun quality gadget.

This is the app that’s needed for the watch
2 way calls
Voice chat
Kids can call one Safty number by pressing sos button
A safe area is optional so if they go out of the area an alert let’s you know

Also available in loads of colours

Available is loads of colours

Great gadget please feel free to share with anyone who will love this gadget

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