The only 4 products you will ever need to make the most of your fine hair for waves, poker straight or afro

I want to share with you 4 amazing products that I have been using for years. My hair is fine but iv got a lot of it , I dye it blonde and I use bleach and 40% vol so the average person using this type of colour on their hair the chances are it’s not going to be in the best of condition.

But because of my background in hairdressing Iv always been able to look after my hair making sure I mix up styles so I’m not hammering it with heat and dont overlap too much when colouring. But ..

The most important thing iv done to keep my hair healthy is the use of 4 beautiful products iv been using for years. I also use these products on my daughter and she has very similar hair texture wise to me it’s fine but her hair is curly mixed race hair and the products have worked perfectly on her type of hair too and anyone else iv recommended them to.

I’ll go through the products and then add some images of our hair. I’ll add one of my daughter with her curls and one straight. And mine straight

1.) Pantene repair & protect shampoo and conditioner

Right first off is the shampoo and conditioner which is so important because if this isn’t right then it can just mess up everything else so it’s worth finding a shampoo and conditioner that cleans hair but does not leave it clammy and clogged . Iv used this since I was about 10 when my mum had it on her shelf and I thought wow this is amazing. It has to be the repair & protect though for fine hair as all the others seem to leave a greasy film on mine and my daughters hair but this one feels light and fresh.

Repair and protect shampoo
Repair and protect conditioner

2.) Biosilk therapy serum

Next thing I sparingly use is a serum , this serum was introduced to me when I was hairdressing about 2 decades ago and even when it wasn’t available in salons in the UK I have sourced this product out because it is the best serum iv ever used. You only need a tiny bit and I rub it through towel dried hair from the roots to the tips (But literally a 20p worth amount) it feels amazing it smells amazing and it can even be used on the skin too. Not light other that are too heavy on fine hair.

The best serum iv ever used in fact the only serum I’ll ever use

3.) kms add volume leave in conditioner

This is a light weight amazing leave in conditioner , so after you have popped on the serum still towel dried hair just spray a little at the roots and on the midlengths and ends of your hair. Rustle your head upside down and comb it through. It smells amazing and it feels so light I instantly feel my hair lighter and fresher.

Leave in conditioner for fine hair no weight

After this if you are blowing your hair straight then you can go about styling your hair , curly blow or straight and I reccomend blasting off first to get rid of most of the moisture then use a nozel on your dryer (preferably get yourself a professional dryer ) I use this one and the last one I had like this lasted 10 years they seriously are brillient .

It’s worth getting a professional hair dryer

Once dry you can use another 5p of the silk therapy serum just to smooth any fly way bits.

If you are going to wear your hair curly you need to do steps 1 2 and 3 but then you need to tip your head upside down and apply about 3x 10p worth of the curling cream into palm of hands and rub together.

4.) Boots curling cream

Amazing curls amazing price (no wet look or crunch)

I pop it on the lengths and ends first then gently massage the roots with my finger tips , I separate the hair then I crunch the hair clenching my fist from the ends up to the roots untill the hair is literally beautiful curls with no heaviness. I then use a diffuser and dry the hair to say about 80% dry then flick head right way up and gently tease the curls into position, you can do this by adding a bit of the silk therapy serum onto your finger tips.

This leaves you with amazing beautiful natural curls that are not crunchy and don’t give that awful wet look that some products leave you with.

Images of our results coming soon

I hope you like tips please feel free to share with friends and if you want the products just click on the image and you can find out more

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