Summer Time Solar Buddie for little ones to easily apply their sunscreen at home or school independantly

Getting ready for the sun shine to make an appearance this year , it seems to be coming out then back in again but when it eventually does come out it’s so important to protect ourselves and our little ones from the harmful rays.

Like my children most kids do not like putting sun screen on and now with the school rule that teachers are not allowed to apply the cream then children are struggling but while I was sat watching tv with my 6 year old she noticed something that was going to catch my eye too

Easy for little ones to apply their cream

The solar buddie , I’m a sucker for gadgets any way but even more so when it’s solved a prob I actually have .

The solar buddies allow you to put your chosen sun screen into the applicator and the child can easily self aplicate onto their skin .

Brilliant gadget my daughter loves hers and can’t wait to take it to school in the summer

Click on the image to buy £8.99

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