A beginner or a pro sewing Bee 🐝 get your staple haberdashery in Cheshire at The Sewing Gem

I’m Gem owner of The Sewing Gem, a self taught sewist if thats a word and I think that sewing is a brilliant forgotten hobbie thats great for all ages. I have always loved making things and find it theraputic but when I started sewing 6 years ago I found it impossible to find anywhere local that sold just the basics. What I mean by the basics is the staple products that we use to create most projects at a fair price. I’d find places but I was always searching through loads of patterned products or odd remnants which look amazing and great in my stash but basically often that’s all they were good for.

For your first sewing machine check these out

I just wanted plain colours to create my projects so that’s where my idea came from for the sewing gem because basically that’s what you get !!

Plain old Basics! No fuss no busy patterns just plain staple colours.

I stock the 2 most popular widths of ribbon and bias 1″ and 1/2″ in every colour you can think of but plain

Grosgrain Ribbon only because it’s the classiest ribbon you can buy and gives a high end finish to all projects available in the 2 most popular widths 1″ and 1/2″ inch and all the basic colours you ever need

For quality grosgrain ribbon check this out

Bias Binding for things like making bunting in the 2 most popular widths and folds available in all colours you will need

For cotton bias binding tape check here

Elastic in black or white in loads of widths starting from 6mm to 2″

For quality woven elastic check here

Baby blanks 100% hand made in the UK such as plain bandanna bibs over head bibs and Velcro bibs hats blankets etc. I’m not one for busy patterned things and these products are perfect for embroidery or personalisations or if you judt want a quality plain baby gift

Need a sewing machine check them out

Sewing threads I stock moon threads by coats they are superb quality

Velcro in black and white in most popular widths

Broderie anglaise trimming available in 3 widths 1″ 2″ 3″ in cream or white

Cotton broderie anglaise trims check here

and dress zips in every colour in packs of 10x

Dress zips 10x in all colours and lengths check here

And if you dont see what you need please contact as I can source one off project orders and am happy to help you if you are not sure what you are looking for


Buy a sewing machine from the best suppliers

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