Follow my journey on Elite Singles & my mission to find Mr right as I side step the toxcitcy of free dating sites

Im finally ready to find someone new and I’v realised that if I’m serious then I need to avoid free dating sites because honestly The calibre of potential partners is making me feel negative and the bad energy is starting to engulf me.

I was in a relationship for 10 years and split in 2014, since then I have been on and off the free sites and never really thought to look at the other options out there and truth be told I wasn’t ready for another relationship.

So between January 2017 and January 2018 I decided to take a complete break from dating after yet another disastrous experience from the free site almost putting me off for life. (I’m only kidding it wasn’t that bad but if I meet another person who thinks it’s appropriate to send over 10 selfies a day to my phone without me even asking ,I think that will be it)

Is it me or is this bloody strange? Please feel free to comment with your feelings on this.

I went back on the free site last week as always the optimist I thought why not. So I went back April 2018 thats nearly 1.5 years ago since I last went on and it was apparent that it was full of the same old faces and using the same old images and nothing much had changed I felt my positivity getting clouded almost instantly . I was only on it 3 days and had already blocked over 100 potentials, the reason for most of these blockings was a topless picture , I’m sorry but I don’t want to look at someone’s naked bloody nipples before even having one date, it’s just not right. Or is it ? Again feel free to add your comments.

I also block anyone who says things for example “you are gorgeous” “I’d do u” and “I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for farting” seriously I could write a whole blog just on these messages and some even have messaged for threesomes.

I mean I’m open minded and each to their own but I need to be realistic I’m not going to find my Mr right or even Mr normal fishing around on these type of sites. Am I! That’s not a question.

Good luck to anyone who does but now in my late 30’s I’m out so

I decided to have a google and to find out whats going on , where can i find a man thats not ramming his flacid or not so privates and hairy nipples into my inbox as soon as I give out my number because its not too much to ask or is it?

So I had a good read and I came across elite singles, this had the best reviews and for the price of joining surly it would have serious professional potential partners on it.

So I ummed and arrhed for about half an hour , I deleted my free dating site and uninstalled the app. And I just signed up for elite.

I’m going to do a series of blogs on the progress of my experience and you can follow my journey here.

Ok so before I paid I had to take a 10 min test , simple multiple choice questions which I quite liked and this automatically set me up for a basic account. But all i could see on the basic was lots of potential matchs but with blurred faces

An actual relief tbh that I wasn’t inundated with nipples.

But little frustrating as I really wanted to see what was on offer as still wasn’t sure if to part with my money but after reading a few profiles of my potential matches I was actually intrigued. It was breath of fresh air, even just reading the profiles of a couple of matches it’s apparent that the quality over quantity is there. So I just went for it

I went for the 6 month membership (this seemed to be the best option to take ) as the 3month didn’t seem enough and the 12 month seemed a bit too long of a commitment so the 6 it was.

If you want to know how my dating experience on elite singles pans out please click the follow button

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