As the use of plastic fades out, check out these Ethical Eco alternatives I’v tried & tested for straws & cling film

I’m always looking for ways that I can help the environment and lately the UK and all over the world has started to seriously clamp down on the use of plastic so

Iv put together some amazing alternatives that I have tried and tested out

1.) Glass Straws

Iv got to be honest I really do love using a straw and I naively never realised how bad that plastic straws were but they are literally clogging up the environment, killing wildlife and making a complete mess. I tried using paper straws but apparently these are just as harmful as the plastic ones so I went on the hunt and came across glass straws. At first I thought maybe these would be unhyginic or even dangerous but I decided to order 4 clear ones with a slight bend. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised they looked beautiful and were very good quality and they even come with a little cleaner wire brush.

Glass straws the ethical alternative to plastic ones

I used them straight away with one if my famous slushies and the kids loved them.

Classy and so easy to clean no waste no mess

They are really easy to clean and dry and we have now been using them for weeks over and over.

Guests are very impressed and I highly reccomend them check them out here

2.) Bees wax (cling film)

Ethical wraps for food check them out here

Well I never thought that these would be any good , I imagined them just going soggy and mouldy but they are an amazing invention and so natural.

Iv found a lady on eBay who makes these by hand and you can even choose the fabric

Bees really are amazing

Is there nothing these little fellas can’t do for us.


These wraps are ECO friendly alternatives to cling film and tin foil for food storage.

The wraps are handmade in sunny Romney Marsh using 100% natural wax mix (bees wax, tree resin, coconut oil).

There is Zero waste as the wraps are biodegradable.

The set iv found come in a set of 4 wraps and includes:

40cm x 30cm(small bread loaf or cut it to smaller sizes)

30x30cm( panini, baguette, burger, large roasting dish)

Round 25cm x 25cm(cheese, cucumber,bowls, plates)

20cm x 20cm (snacks,fruit,small vegetables)

and string with button for those tricky shapes.

The ethical alternative to cling film & plastic bags

Random colours subject to availability

Food wraps are easy to use; they are malleable, water resistant, airtight and reusable.

In addition to its use in the kitchen you may wish to protect your toothbrush or razor in your suitcase or wrap your soap.

Taking your pets for walk?- wrap their treats.

How To Care for your wraps: Simply wipe down with a cloth and cold water, air dry and keep in a dry, cool place.

Do not use for raw meat and fish. Keep away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, hot water, microwave, oven, dishwasher and washing machine.

The wraps initially have a strong smell and can appear sticky, but this will soon fade away. May give your hands greasy feel due to natural bees wax.

Sizes are approximate and colours may vary from the pictures. May appear with yellow tint due to natural colour of bees wax.

Lots of patterns to choose from

And If you have any special requirements the lady making them says she will be happy to help. To check them out click here

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