It’s not just vitamin D that makes us feel better when the sun comes out.

Around this time of year when it starts getting warmer I start clearing up the garden from the neglect of the winter and start getting ready for the pool to come out and the garden parties to begin.

Find the perfect garden pool for you this summer check them out here

I purchaced an amazing slushie machine years ago ,so I purchased an ice cream maker too thinking it would be just as good, but his gadget didn’t last more than a week. It was crap. Not because it didn’t do what it said but because it was boring and long and tedious to complete such a small amount of ice cream and wasn’t worth it.

The reason I got the ice cream maker is because our ice cream man charges 70p for half a flake and I just thought no way. We can do this ourselves. Turns out no we can’t so i went about finding alternatives.

My amazing 3 min snow cone slusie & cocktail maker check it out

I got a load of lovely jars from the Range and filled them with all the goodies the van uses

Sprinkles Sherberts Sauces Fudge pieces Marshmallows Flakes the lot. But sometimes I put healthier alternatives in such as ground nuts and fruit

How cute do these look and the kids love them
Check out the best cookie jars from the range

Then I went about finding the ice cream.

Iv always been a big fan of Iceland mostly because years ago I could pop my son in the trolly go up and down the isle get what I needed and then pick up the bags at the back of the store. Now a decade on they are even better and we can just order online.

The food has improved immensely andI cannot fault it.

Anyway back to the ice cream.

Iceland is like a little haven for ice cream lovers with every brand available at amazing prices and their own branded lollies and luxuary ice cream to check them out for yourself click on the image below

Ice cream lovers check them out here

Please feel free to leave your own comments and ideas

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