Pineapple lovers will just love this must have gadget! Roll on Summer Time!

My daughter loves but I seriously struggle to cut it open to the point Iv often hacked into it making a complete mess. That was until I came across this pineapple .

It’s a brilliant and so easy to use. It creates a tunnel in the middle where the pineapple is ,leaving the core inside ready to be used as a funky tumbler for pinacolada’s or any other cocktails or drinks you want to add to it.

Best gadget for cutting up a pineapple and less than £5

What you are left with is pineapple rings that you just need to cut into chunks.

I honestly thought this was going to be really crap and I’m so surprised it gets 10/10 from my kids and I.

And made from stainless steel I just pop it in the dishwasher

Check it out here to purchase your own for less than £5

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