When life throws you Lemons make a Slushie Lemonade cocktail and stick the middle finger 🍋

Sometimes life gives us lemons. Sour lemons and there is only one way to describe it. It sucks! but…

we can either suck them up and become bitter or we can squeeze them add a little sweetness and make cocktail’s and lemon Teas.

I know what I do when life throws me lemons. I feel sorry for myself I might have a cry then I squeeze squeeze squeeze and I make good of the situation as best I can to change what iv been delt.

I just keep on making cocktails or lemon tea everytime a lemon comes my way and sometimes the bitterness of the lemons does take over me but I just keep reminding myself that these shit times will pass and one day my life will be mine again and keep building the future and dreams that I have in my heart.

This is to all you amazing women and men out there ! you know who you are.

And all the support that we give each other that really doesn’t go unnoticed.

Iv got this amazing slush making machine I want to share with you, I got it from Germany and Iv had it for many years now it is just a machine but it’s brought a lot of happiness to myself and my kids in certain times when the lemons have hit.

I use it all year round for mocktails using fresh fruit and cocktails for myself and the girlie nights in. It’s amazing for iced tea too and milkshakes.

Sometimes its the little things in life that keep us moving forward and focused.

The snow cone maker I have is amazing quality and can whip up a slushy in 5 mins

All you need is a bag of ice from any local supermarket.

I fill a glass with the crushed ice that collects in the tray with the handy scoop

And then fill the glass with a not from concentrate juice, i like the Tesco ones best below but you can use what you like.

Not from concentrate Tesco Apple juice
Not from concentrate Tesco orange (smooth is best)

add a little drop of elderflower or

Blossom Cottage Morello Cherry Cordial
Pop in a glass straw (ethical) and then a long spoon

The ideas are endless and so quick

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