Follow your Dreams, it’s never too late to be happy. Coming soon Mindful Holistic Lifestyle Clinic

Shortly after I left school at 16 I trained straight away as a Beauty Therapist. It’s where my passion and my dreams lay and all I wanted was to run my own beauty clinic have my own home and be happy.

When I was 16 I was an optimist and I started to realise I saw the world differently to most people I came across, I always looked on the bright side of everything no matter how bad things were and focused on the good things and the good in people but eventually with my lack of life experience I ended up being surrounded by toxicity and eventually it took it’s toll on me for many years, diverting my dreams off course and at one point I resigned myself to never being happy and convinced myself that was just the way it was …

The words That’s Life! Its not all about happiness ! Kept spinning round my head and keeping me in that set mindset. I’d heard it so many times from toxic people and I bloody hated the saying because the truth is it’s a cop out. It’s bullshit to just wallow in a set mindset for ever.

In my truth I believe that life is what you make it and if I don’t try I won’t ever know and I’ll still be miserable anyway so what have I got to loose.

My optimist inside in me was what squashed my fears , because it’s fear that is really holding us all back from following our dreams and toxic people push their fears out onto others.

Fear we ‘might’ fail

Fear we ‘might not be good enough ‘

But we also have the fear that time is passing us by “I know I do ”

So even with the toxicity around me in my heart my optimistic spark was never put out and once I started to focus again on all the good positives in my life I made a decision and straight away I started to feel like me again and my dreams started coming back in my mind.

Now in my mid 30’s and a lot of life experience behind me I’m in the perfect place to get back on my dream path.

I’m a big believer that it’s never ever too late to follow your dreams and as corny as it sounds it’s the truth.

So instead of waiting any longer I have decided that this year Im going to go back to my roots and do it. I’m just going to go for it and see where this path takes me.

For the next 6 months I’m going to be designing planning and setting up my dream. I’m calling it and will be more than just a Beauty Salon it will be a place to remember who you are.

If you want to be part of the dream please feel free to join the mailing list to keep up to date on the launch of the clinic visit and exclusive offers

To learn more..

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